Ages 6-18

free Virtual Girl Sessions

Our "Girls with SASS" Virtual Sessions will launch on Friday, May 15th online via Zoom for girls ages 11-15. We will meet every Friday at 5PM for one hour. The curriculum will focus on the following topics...

-Building Positive Body Image
-Good Hygiene & Grooming
-Self-Care (Meditation & Relaxation)
-Healthy Living (Exercise & Proper Nutrition)
-Maintaining Real Friendships
-Conflict Resolution
-Bullying & Cyber-bullying
-Motivation & Goal Setting
-Volunteerism & Paying it Forward

-College & Career Exploration

-Finances & Saving

For more info, contact If not, please register below and an information packet will be emailed to you with the Zoom link included.

We cannot wait to (virtually) meet your Girl with SASS (Spunk Ambition Smarts Strength)!

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